Tough cases
end here
Tough cases end here
The more challenging
the better
We make it our business
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We listen, we learn, we research, and we fight.

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What we do

We represent businesses and individuals who are facing their most complicated legal situations. When clients come to us, they are generally facing something difficult and non-systemic. We review, provide a plan, and execute on that plan, taking that burden off our clients' shoulders.

We guide clients facing complex legal problems through the ins and outs of the legal system, so you can get back to running a profitable business, or simply back to enjoying the life you had before legal proceedings entered the picture.

Insolvency & Complex Bankruptcy

When debts cannot be paid, the dominoes begin to fall. We guide our clients through all aspects of insolvency, representing debtors, creditors, and interested parties. We file chapter 11s, complex chapter 7s, and assignments for the benefit of creditors. We have experience in all aspects of foreclosure and receivership law for both creditors and debtors. We guide clients as they face insolvency issues and we both develop the plan and then execute on it.

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Complex Litigation & Business Law

Litigation is undesirable but often inevitable. We guide our clients throughout the entire process, from pre-litigation through trial and judgment execution. Our lawyers thrive on complicated cases, practicing regularly in business court and federal court. We pride ourselves on combining diligence with creativity, and we are committed to providing clear advice presented with complete candor. We litigate the tough cases and we push to bring them to an end so our clients can get back to business.

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Nardella & Nardella, PLLC is highlighted for its outstanding bankruptcy practice. Lawyers at the firm frequently represent debtors and creditors in insolvency cases. The Orlando group also has particular expertise in complex Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 proceedings. The team routinely represents clients of all sizes across the US.

Michael Nardella of Nardella & Nardella, PLLC continues to be recognized for his burgeoning practice, acting for both debtors and creditors in proceedings. He's a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer.

The pressure for bankruptcy filings, largely driven by macro-economic trends, provides opportunity for small firms in the region. Nardella & Nardella has capitalised on the current climate, representing a range of clients in insolvency and taking on complex chapter 11 cases.

My business required help navigating a complex (and sensitive) legal matter... Nardella took the time to understand the problem, gather appropriate research and consult experts within their network.

Joseph K.

I never considered creativity in a law firm to be valuable but my experience with Nardella has changed that.

Jared W.

This firm provides a highly professional client experience. Our firm recommends Nardella to our own clients.

Hector P.

Everyone was very professional and efficient. I would trust Nardella with all my legal needs.

John L.

I highly recommend this legal team for their extensive knowledge and experience and impeccable character.

Laura S.

Who we are

Each member of our legal team comes fully equipped with the know-how, character and tenacity you want fighting on your side through the ups and downs of a complex legal matter.

40+ years closing tough cases • Industry-specific, boutique client experience
40+ years closing tough cases • Industry-specific, boutique client experience