Short Bio

As a young attorney with a deep-rooted commitment to justice and a strong passion for the law, Jesus is aiming to be a trusted advocate who brings both legal expertise and cultural sensitivity to Nardella. Fluent in both the language of the law and the nuances of diverse backgrounds, Jesus is dedicated to serving clients with unwavering diligence and an unrelenting pursuit of favorable outcomes.

As a native Spanish speaker of Hispanic heritage, Jesus brings a unique perspective to the practice of law. His cultural background enriches his ability to connect with a diverse range of clients, understanding their needs, while helping them navigate the complexities of the legal system with sensitivity and insight.  Jesus is dedicated to promoting inclusivity in the law and ensuring that all individuals have equal access to justice.

Jesus  has honed his legal skills in various areas of practice through internships and real-life work experience, with a particular focus on bankruptcy, chapter 11, consumer filings, as well as business contracts and transactions.

At the heart of Jesus’ legal practice is a commitment to client satisfaction. He understands that legal matters can be daunting and stressful, which is why he prioritizes clear communication, empathy, and a personalized approach to every case.  Jesus takes the time to listen, understand the unique circumstances, and develop tailored legal strategies.


  • Jesus is a proud graduate of Stetson University College of Law, where he earned his Juris Doctor degree in 2023. During his time at Stetson Law, Jesus excelled academically in his Bankruptcy and Immigration courses, while demonstrating a profound dedication to the legal profession and trial-related matters. His legal education at a prestigious advocacy-centered institution laid the foundation for what should be a career characterized by excellence.

Professional & Community Involvement

  • Outside of the courtroom, Jesus remains actively engaged in his local and broader legal community. He is dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion within the legal profession and frequently participates in pro bono work and outreach initiatives aimed at improving access to justice for underserved populations, including Pro Se petitioners in Tampa’s Family Law Clinic and attempting to help Human Trafficking victims.


  • Fluent in Spanish